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Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks

I hesitate to tell this story because of the serious content,unlike most of the stories told here.Sometimes there are events that happen and it’s hard to understand why.I often say when ask why I just say “Why ask why” This one is different to me. Was it a coincidence that a group of Veterans were at that bar? Some of these Vets belong to a group called “The RED,WHITE,and BLUE TEAM” their purpose is to help troubled vets (PTSD etc..) One of the team leaders,a Former Marine,was one of the ones killed.Two other Vets were injured One was another Former Marine that was a survivor of the Vegas shooting.The one Marine killed was a former member of 2nd Combat Engrs 2nd Marine Division and war vet. I do not believe this was a coincidence.(Only my Opinion) The shooter ,ex-marine, Yes you read it right “ex-marine”, had claimed to others that he had PTSD but there is no record of him being enrolled in the VA Health System or seeking help from any one else .Did he have any previous contact with any of the Vets at the bar? Maybe.Now just today I read that another Marine is being accused of killing his wife,also a Marine but,does not remember doing it because he was drunk and “blacked out”and has “Anger Issues”They were both still on active duty and stationed at Quantico . This happened after “The Marine Corps Ball” Everyone cannot be helped! Some will say “I don’t have a problem” My way of thinking is that if you have to say it ” You have it!” 20+Vets take their lives each day.It is estimated that 14 out of those that do are not enrolled in the VA Healthcare System and have not sought help for one reason or another.There is no shame in asking for help.It could save a life or more.Maybe I’m preaching to the choir or just venting but,if you think you might have an issue or suspect that someone you know might, try to get help.We do not have control over everything and we can’t force someone to go,(Only if it is a known threat to themselves or someone else can you force it). How many of these types of crime were prevented because a person got help? There is no way of knowing, is there? “Big Bum Out”? Agree or Disagree Harry is” Bummed ”
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scruffy - April 27, 2020

After my dischaged from the USMC in 1969 I hitchiked around the U.S. and Canada for 4 1/2 years. I stationed myself out of Florida because of the weather and women. I honestly didn’t realize that I had a PTSD problem even though, while still stationed in Camp Pendleton, I was sent to a psychiatrist for disturbing behavior. Dr. Fox wrote that I suffered from ‘battle fatigue’. I challenged others to a game of russian roulette seven times over the next 3 decades. I never lost. The last time I was drunk and at home with a woman who thought she was tough. I took all but one shell out of the 38 special, spun the cylinder and pulled the trigger. I threw the gun at her and said ‘ your turn tuff woman’. She refused. My son had been standing in the hallway and saw and heard the whole thing. My three kids talked me into getting help. I told them it was stupid but I went to the VA with them. Today I am free from whatever it was that drove me to do such stupid things. I have had two friends who have shot themselves and left children and grandchildren to wonder why their father or grandfather did it. I talked both of them into getting counseling like I did but for some reason, to no avail. Please veterans. Stop and think of the impression that will be given to your family if you carry on this way.

Ron Cook - April 27, 2020

Harry even the ones that don’t want help need help but they have to want help. Not all can be saved but the ones that do get help and learn to deal with it. Semper Fi Marine.

Mike Thompson - April 27, 2020

I saw this when I served in the Corps back in the seventies met to many guys who lived with the things they saw and did in combat. To many used drugs or alcohol to drown out the voices in their head. Always would listen to them and tell them that they were not alone and maybe they should talk to someone. Only thing that has changed is the time and place I try and do what I can but it isn’t enough.

Sgt Angelo J.Manos - April 27, 2020

I live 12 miles from where this happened.When I heard the number of casualties I said to myself, “Damn this guy was a great shot.I hope he is not a Marine”.Then it came out he was a Marine.If only we could of gotten him into our Anger Mgt Class @ the Sepulveda V.A.,this would not have happened.Tried to call the Sheriff so I could offer assistance to bury that Marine.They hung up on me.The fact Long needed help is a given.He served the Marine Corps and this country well.I was not aware he had killed other Marines.This is a screw up of monumental proportions.This has filled me w/great sorrow.

Sgt Court Conkwright USMC - April 27, 2020

No question this writer is so correct about PTSD. I work with a group of Wounded Warriors in Oct and some of them have PTSD. I go to a Ranch in S.D. To help a brother Marines who also had PTSD, but has worked hard to over come it. He was in Nam at Khe Sanh and received the Navy Cross and of course the Purple Heart. He opens his Ranch up and many Marines and another services help set up for the Warriors. They have a ball. There is no cost to anyone, but donations are welcomed. They also Pheasant hunt with us. He had put videos on You Tube about PTSD. He had helped so many of our Vets and save life’s. So this is for real. Reach out and do what you can for one of this troubled Vets.

Harry - April 27, 2020

I appreciate your feedback Murray and you make some good points.Thanx Harry

Murray Hermanson - April 27, 2020

Harry, don’t be bummed, things like this have been happening since the beginning of time. They will keep it as front page news as long as it keeps the peoples interest. To say it doesn’t matter isn’t right though, but it is just part of the life that we are in. We can’t change things like this. I don’t understand why he is an ex-marine. If we shit are pants we shouldn’t lie about it. Harry I know everybody is proud, it is a necessity. I am sure that the Marine justified his action in his head, though it was totally wrong. It is not for us decide, just pick up the pieces as always, and move on. Just my point of view. Vietnam 66Dec to Aug68 back in May69 to Aug69. Went with 1/9, 2/9, 3/9, 2/26 and others.

Harry - April 27, 2020

Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle and his friend were also killed by a Marine Vet they were trying to help. I just want to be clear this story is in no way intended to reflect badly on our Beloved MARINE CORPS ! It just “Is What It Is” Harry.

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