Time with the Grunts

Time with the Grunts

As a new 2nd Lt with the 12th Marines at Mt Fuji, I was assigned to an infantry company as an forward observer. I asked my senior Lts in the battery what should I being doing with the grunts. They told me just to stay close to the Captain and he will let you know what he wants. I stayed with the captain for about 5 miles into a hike when he turned to me and asked “Lt where are we “? My answer was “I don’t know I am following you”. After that I always knew where we were…….
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  • Murray Hermanson

    Harry, glad to see you post, I was getting worried you haven’t post anything for awhile. I like how this comes up on my screen it’s bigger and easier to read. At first it wasn’t but then they changed it, not its great. Looking forward to the new stories. Think I might submit one myself. Don’t want to piss any one off. Good to see your still here. Murray 1371

  • Bill 0331

    Ditto Harry 1371!! Bill 0331

  • G Willard 0311, 8651, 8511,…

    Apparently the “DMD” did. At least that’s what he insinuated about The Deuce and Dennis. The rest of us seem to agree with The Deuce and Dennis.

  • Harry 1371

    It’s Deja Vu all over again!! Every time Grit changes format WAAH! Get over it Jarheads! I don’t like change either but, life is filled with it! With that said, I do like the more personal stories especially the ones full of BS that we can pick apart and piss some people off by doing so. One more thing. We just passed a very important holiday to all of us and, not one mention in “Grit News” Harry 1371

  • CPL Dale Peterson

    My last purchase was from Sgt Mark… I’ll just leave it there.
    Semper Fi…

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