To America


To those that spit on us, thank you.
We swallow ours, so you may freely use yours.

To those that curse us, thank you.
We bite our tongues, so you may have the freedom of speech.

To those that laugh at us in comfort, thank you.
We suffer, so you may not.

To those that hurt us, thank you.
We take your abuse, so you may live.

To those that vote against us, thank you.
We will continue to fight, so you may always vote without fear.

To those that pray for us, thank you.
May He hear your prayers and protect us from our enemies.

To those that cry for us, thank you.
You weep for us when we cannot.

To those that await our return, thank you.
We will return to you someday.

To those that honor us, thank you.
May we always be worthy of it.

To those that have served before us,
Thank you, your service will be remembered.

A Marine

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