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To My Marine

To My Marine
Fiance of LCPL Mattice

It’s been a year now since you first left for the Corps You traveled miles away to the California shores Boot Camp Graduation day was a day to always remember I was there to see you on that day last September You came home for ten days following boot you deserved it, you were now a Marine, no longer a Recruit The ten days went by quicker than any ten before Sitting in the airport together, watching you leave through the terminal door School of Infantry was where you were headed More time apart is something we have always dreaded The Thanksgiving holiday came, I picked you up at the airport Seeing you again was great like always, but we knew this visit was short Once again, back to the airport to say good bye We tried not to be sad this time, you hugged me and said “babe don’t cry”

Christmas arrived, and you came home to love, family, and real life This visit home was special, you asked me to be your wife We spent two weeks loving, laughing and cherishing our time together I will never forget that Christmas, it was wonderful to share it with each other As it always does, time flew, and again we had to part We knew we would be together again, but the tears still did start The next time you were home was different than any time before You were headed to a dangerous place, a place of war Saying goodbye this time was the hardest of all, we weren’t ready for this As you walked away, you turned and blew me a kiss Missing you more and more every day is definitely what I do I know that you will be home soon, and I will be at the base to greet you Our wedding is shortly after your return and then our lives will start we will be happy together but we know that we will have more time apart For now we have to look at the time we have together

Smile and know that this is definitely forever

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