Tough Guy Pose

Tough Guy Pose

So I thought about it and decided to send the picture in along with a few questions for my brother Jarheads, but I won’t dare ask this of my sister Jarheads. Does your uniform still fit you? The other night the wife and I were going through some clothes in the attic for AM Vets and I came across this blouse. Not sure why now but I did not keep a lot of my dress uniforms. Stupid, I know but it’s too late

now. I did keep one short sleeve and one long sleeve blouse and all of my cammies, which have long since rotted away. I gave away all the rest of my uniforms except the wool overcoat and rain coat but my nephew asked if he could borrow them for a Halloween party years ago and the sh-thead claimed he lost them. Man, was I ever p-ssed. Anyway, my wife suggested I try the blouse on and told me to give her a “tough guy” pose and before I could finish getting ready she snapped the picture. We took one where I actually got all the buttons made but it was unbecoming to say the least. I’m 54 now and somewhere around 190 lbs, but I can’t understand why it does not fit because I was 180 lbs when I got out in 1985 but of course I was fairly solid and in shape then. Ahhhh the good ole days! I nearly hurt myself taking the blouse off due in part to my bad shoulders. I wish I least had a barracks cover or p-ss cutter to put on my big-azs bald head. Can’t wear a high and tight anymore. Best I could do with a bald head is a low and loose. There’s a guy I work with who never served in the military who wears a high and tight. Cruel joke huh?

Semper Fi,
Mike Kunkel
Cpl. 0331
Lima 3/8, Weapons Plt

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  • Mike Kunkel

    Pete, yeah I figured I would, if nothing else give everyone a laugh and get them trying on a few pieces of the past just to see what it felt like. Almost as if maybe there were magical powers in those uniforms. LOL. Semper Fi Marine! Mike

  • Gerald Hill 0311/0851

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    Gerald Hill 0311/0851
    In reply to Richard Jenkins.

    Richard, I received my Battle Jacket in March/1964 I can still hear our senior drill instructor scream “any maggot lucky enough to be issued a Battle Jacket today if you ever call it anything else I’ll personally find you and adjust your stacking swivel” so 52 years I will always call it my Battle Jacket
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  • Mike Kunkel

    Thanks Bub, yes I am from Baltimore. If I get out that way I will take you up on the offer brother!!! Semper Fi Mike

  • Bub Cavell

    My old uniform shirt “fits” just like yours does. A little “tight”. I have seen your posts,here and there over time, and I believe you are from the East Coast. If you’re ever in Frederick Co. or Montgomery Co. MD, contact me and I’ll buy you a Beer (or two). Was at Pendleton 75 thru 78 2/5 106’s then TOW CO / TANK BATTALION (when 1st Tanks were still @ Los Flores). If you don’t hurry up, I will drink your Beer. SEMPER FI, BROTHER! Maybe see ya soon. 0351

  • Rick Feinstein former Sgt always a Marine

    Promised my nephew that when he was commissioned a 2nd LT in the Army after completing ROTC, in 2015, I would attend in my Class A uniform to give him his first salute. The last time the uniform was fitted was just before graduation at PI in 1964. After 4 weeks of heavy-duty dieting, it fit!!! It was an honor to be able to salute my nephew and a great source of pride to be a Marine in uniform again after almost 50 years.

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