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Tough Guy Pose

Tough Guy Pose

So I thought about it and decided to send the picture in along with a few questions for my brother Jarheads, but I won’t dare ask this of my sister Jarheads. Does your uniform still fit you? The other night the wife and I were going through some clothes in the attic for AM Vets and I came across this blouse. Not sure why now but I did not keep a lot of my dress uniforms. Stupid, I know but it’s too late

now. I did keep one short sleeve and one long sleeve blouse and all of my cammies, which have long since rotted away. I gave away all the rest of my uniforms except the wool overcoat and rain coat but my nephew asked if he could borrow them for a Halloween party years ago and the sh-thead claimed he lost them. Man, was I ever p-ssed. Anyway, my wife suggested I try the blouse on and told me to give her a “tough guy” pose and before I could finish getting ready she snapped the picture. We took one where I actually got all the buttons made but it was unbecoming to say the least. I’m 54 now and somewhere around 190 lbs, but I can’t understand why it does not fit because I was 180 lbs when I got out in 1985 but of course I was fairly solid and in shape then. Ahhhh the good ole days! I nearly hurt myself taking the blouse off due in part to my bad shoulders. I wish I least had a barracks cover or p-ss cutter to put on my big-azs bald head. Can’t wear a high and tight anymore. Best I could do with a bald head is a low and loose. There’s a guy I work with who never served in the military who wears a high and tight. Cruel joke huh?

Semper Fi,
Mike Kunkel
Cpl. 0331
Lima 3/8, Weapons Plt

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Mike Kunkel - July 11, 2020

Pete, yeah I figured I would, if nothing else give everyone a laugh and get them trying on a few pieces of the past just to see what it felt like. Almost as if maybe there were magical powers in those uniforms. LOL. Semper Fi Marine! Mike

Gerald Hill 0311/0851 - July 11, 2020

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Gerald Hill 0311/0851
In reply to Richard Jenkins.

Richard, I received my Battle Jacket in March/1964 I can still hear our senior drill instructor scream “any maggot lucky enough to be issued a Battle Jacket today if you ever call it anything else I’ll personally find you and adjust your stacking swivel” so 52 years I will always call it my Battle Jacket
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Mike Kunkel - July 11, 2020

Thanks Bub, yes I am from Baltimore. If I get out that way I will take you up on the offer brother!!! Semper Fi Mike

Bub Cavell - July 11, 2020

My old uniform shirt “fits” just like yours does. A little “tight”. I have seen your posts,here and there over time, and I believe you are from the East Coast. If you’re ever in Frederick Co. or Montgomery Co. MD, contact me and I’ll buy you a Beer (or two). Was at Pendleton 75 thru 78 2/5 106’s then TOW CO / TANK BATTALION (when 1st Tanks were still @ Los Flores). If you don’t hurry up, I will drink your Beer. SEMPER FI, BROTHER! Maybe see ya soon. 0351

Rick Feinstein former Sgt always a Marine - July 11, 2020

Promised my nephew that when he was commissioned a 2nd LT in the Army after completing ROTC, in 2015, I would attend in my Class A uniform to give him his first salute. The last time the uniform was fitted was just before graduation at PI in 1964. After 4 weeks of heavy-duty dieting, it fit!!! It was an honor to be able to salute my nephew and a great source of pride to be a Marine in uniform again after almost 50 years.

Eric - July 11, 2020

Great picture! I actually grew after boot camp in the Corps. I put on weight and got 1/2 taller. Mike, I was in 2/2 and got out the year you came in. Semper Fi!

A. Troy Morris Sgt. USMC 1964- 1968 - July 11, 2020

The one thing that never will change. “Once a Marine, Always a Marine”.

Mike Kunkel - July 11, 2020

Yes Master Sergeant! LOL If I had sent in the picture with all the buttons secured that would have touched off another series of replies! Way too many rolls up under the armpit area these days, and yes, no need to advertise the nipples any more than necessary! SSgt Krause, Sgt. Mazenko and Sgt. Ishmail would definitely have increased the PT and ordered more mountain climbers and bends and mother-f_ckers!!! Semper Fi !!

jerry powers - July 11, 2020

i wieghted 205 when i went in.came out at 206 a lot thinner and had more muscle. have a old raincoat,a cover that will not go on my big head. still has the eagle and anger and globe. wiegh 254 now and if i could have keep my other colthes i couldnt wear them but praise god i still love jesus. the marines was my testmony and still is. thank you marines for our freedom.

Keith Palmer - July 11, 2020

Hey Howard, what year were you in Kilo 3/1? I was an 0331 there at Happy Horno from 1980-1984.

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