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Toughest Time In My Life

Toughest Time In My Life Admin |

The toughest time in my life was after getting out of the Corps as an E-5 with a disability. An ongoing battle fighting to get the right help from the VA. I loved the time I was in the Corps and brotherhood is like no other. Between the contaminated LST’s and the tainted water at Camp Lejeune, years later I faced an enemy hard to defeat. I am currently fighting Lung Cancer for the 3rd time. All of these are new cancers not repeats. Both kinds of lung caner Small Cell and Non-Small Cell. One of each in the right lung and Small cell in the left lung. I quit smoking along time ago, this is NOT from smoking 20 years ago. There is no other case like mine. For me to get treatment through the VA I would have to travel 130 miles to a VA center capable of treating me. But the VA clinic that is 20 miles away disqualifies me from getting Non-VA local healthcare. Even though they can not treat me, it counts under the 40 mile clause. Imagine traveling 130 miles while sick as a dog 4 times a month for 4 months. The only saving grace was/is private health care insurance and now just Medicare. I have battling this now for 9 years.

Semper Fi,


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Chuck Swap,

I am a 4 year . I’m afraid your esophageal cancer survivor I spent two and a half years when I came back from Nam drinking and showering in the water at Camp Lejeune according to my DAV magazine there have been 17,000 some claims and they’ve approved less than a thousand miles been in for 4 years any other updates on the patio cancer or other types of cancer from Camp Lejeune? Simplify Sergeant truck swap 2nd battalion 5th Marines retired Minnesota Air National Guard

Chuck Swap,

Ooorah! I too was at Camp LeJune, just now submitting my data. Your story is not the only one that has left us and Brothers behind. Ever since we’ve joined the Corps, seems Ll we do is fight for something, and wait, (the worst enemy). I’m sorry to hear about your situation, and it has sparked a fire under me at the same time. I’m going to start Anything I can do to make sure We can make the difference. This will not b the last gimme you heard from me, on my Corps of Honor. Tk you for lighting a fire under me, you will hear from me soon. God bless you Brother, we’ll do something, together. Semper Fi, Cpl G. J. Yowell Anyone else readind this Brothers story, like soo many others that we know; pls Email me with information, and gather it all together to submitt to the right authorities. We can do this for one and for all. ‘They’ didn’t think the Marines could do very much, till we whipped some Ass, now we’re the first they ask. It’s time to ask ourselves, What can we do? Tks

Cpl G. J. Yowell,

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