Training for the Corps

Training for the Corps
by Ms.V2Lo

~(A Poem For My Son, Lcpl David)
He’s off to Parris Island where
He’ll train to fight the war.
My son, my heart, a piece of me
Will be a child no more
Before he left I hugged him
Every time he passed me by
I told him that I loved him
As a tear fell from my eye
I’m proud of him, it’s what he wants
I cried and held him tight
And pray to God to keep him strong
Please guide him through the fight
And though I had prepared myself
I never felt such sorrow
As that day he left for boot camp
For we wouldn’t hug tomorrow
And yes I miss him selfishly
But one thing that I’m sure
Is all his dreams are coming true
He’ll soon be in the Corps.

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