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Trigger Housing Group Admin |

1956, Plt 406. Sitting in a class room listening to the instructor as he trained us in the stripping of the M1… He had us remove the trigger housing and explained that while out, we should never pull the trigger while removed. He had just about got that out of his mouth when I did the NO NO. A click was heard from Parris Island all the way to my home town in Massachusetts. He just kept right on talking without changing a beat. He had us all hold the housing group up as he and the meanest DI I had in my platoon walked up and down the desks. My DI passed by my desk and I thought, the dumb Azz never saw it. That was just about then, that my right ear began to ring and I found my self on the floor looking up. That was not the first time I met the wrath of My DI but I'll save them for another time. Sgt Wilson, where ever you are, I thank you for the attitude adjustments. It helped me thru my years in the Corps and there after… Always a Marine!

Sgt Frank Rigiero '56-'59

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