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Trip to the Vietnam Memorial Wall

Trip to the Vietnam Memorial Wall

Me in the WallOperation ChinookWashington 2007

Sgt. Grit,

After 40 years I finally got the opportunity to visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall along with other Memorials. I along with members and thier families of Marine Corps League, Table Rock Detachment #1197 from Morganton, NC went on a trip to Quantico, VA and to Washington, DC in the summer of 2007. It was quite an experience. Initially I had some emotional moments but then I felt a calming peace come over me. It is hard for me to put the feeling into words. One of my pictures that I took of the wall came out, as I’m sure many others have experienced, with a reflection of me as if I were in the wall with my fellow “Band of Brothers”. I felt as if I were among fellow warriors at a place somewhere in history. So many years have passed yet every moment of those years are captured forever in my mind. Every Vietnam Veteran should try at least once to visit the Vietnam Memorials. I am sorry that I waited so long. I have attached a few “then and now” photographs.

Semper Fi,
Bob Mauney

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