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Sgt Grit,
This photo is an “Official” USAF photograph. While stationed at the American Embassy in Tripoli, Libya. We were asked to participate in this ceremony. The ambassador or the deputy chief of Mission, also participated. To the best of my knowledge, this photo was taken during the ceremony honoring the Unknown Soldier, right on the inner harbor on the shores of Tripoli 1964-1966 “Cemetary”.

Other than the NCOIC, SSgt in photo, I was Second Senior man in rank, and was given the honor of being the Flag Bearer, for this Memorial Ceremony. I don’t recall which holiday it was held on, I think it was either Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Veterans Day. I think the most unique thing of this photo is the part of the Marine Hymn, to the “Shores of Tripoli”. It would appear only a small percentage of Marines, can claim having been on the “Shores of Tripoli”!
Semper Fi
Sgt Donald E. Misera “Ret”

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