HI attached photo of my best Oppo Tug Wilson (in wheelchair) we met up after 44yrs,unfortunately Tug had a massive stroke.My wife and I drove 300 miles to see him and his wife.We spent 4 days out of 7 days of our holiday ,clearing out his garden my wife replanting shrubs etc for them and I bought 2 gallons of fence paint and everything that stood still was painted,brings back memories of Bootcamp.Royal Marines style.They were so pleased and said you are supposed to be on a weeks vacation not doing stuff for us,this is where we Marines differ from other services we look after our own.It was a pleasure to help my buddy out as I have known him since 1957 in Bootcamp and was appreciated.The saying go’s “Once a Marine,always a Marine.

You take care Marine
Regards aye
Royal Marines Commando

PS: In 1960 whilst serving with 40 Commando Royal Marines in Malta I befriended a US Marine named Jack LaBreque who was in Malta with I think the 6th Fleet,do you know what,we are still in touch after 47 yrs!!

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