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U.S. Marine Grunt Admin |

U.S. Marine Grunt
By S. Haffey

We marched and marched some more
And sung about the core
When we got to the town
We all looked around
There was no one to be found
Gunny told us to hush
Explosions and bullets ripped through the air
We were caught in an ambush
I felt the wiz of a bullet go past my ear
Grunts all hit the ground
While rpgs rained down
My friend was hit in the gut
So I moved him into a hut
The fire did not let up
I could hear the cries of the U.S. Marine Grunt
?Core men up front?
I was pinned down in a bend
I knew this was the end
But I had been trained to be a Marine Grunt
So I started to fire, I was the best
As I fired I grew calmer
Then a bullet hit me in the chest
But did not go through my body armor
The bad guys were held up in a fort
So we called in close air support
The battle was over
The next week at the funeral
They played taps as they were put in the ground
We lost ten good men in that god damned town
We all knew they were heaven bound
We went on patrol the very next night
But there was no one around
As we sat in a tight 360 the rain did not let up
We were all on the hunt
This is the life a U.S. Marine Grunt


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