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Ugly Angels in Vietnam

Ugly Angels in Vietnam

I served three tours in Nam, first tour 67 to 68. I have attached a picture of some ugly angels. These came in to drop off some Marines from the Float. They took out dead and wounded. This is on the beach about two klicks north of the mouth of the Cua Viet river where it meets the Tonking Gulf. The water you see behind it is the Gulf of Tonkin. I was with the 3rd Mar div. 1st Amphibious Tractor Bn. B Co. 2nd Plt. My track is B-24. I am taking these pictures from it. We were operating out of Camp Kistler. We are called Amgrunts. We did it all. Grunt, Trac, Artillery. The DMZ is about 4 more Klicks North of this picture. After they left we returned there. A Company of , I believe 3/1 had been hit and we were in support.
Art Johnson

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