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Under Water And Under Motar Fire

Under Water And Under Motar Fire

About the UWSS reunion in the 14 August Sgt. Grit Newsletter, I went through underwater swimmers school in Key West in August 1964, then served in Force Recon '67-'68 and Recon Bn. '68-'69 and various Force billets after that. I can't make it to the reunion but I just wanted to brag a little.

First picture is at the school after my swim buddy and I were awarded the hawser of shame for getting separated. The second is from a Force Recon diving mission in Hue in '68. The third picture is of the whole Force team that went into Hue. We were the first to cross the Perfume River – under water and under mortar fire! Picture taken at the MACV Compound in Hue. First Force – First in War, First in Peace, First in the hearts of our countrymen!

Semper Fi!
Fred Vogel 

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