Unfortunate Jarheads

Unfortunate Jarheads

I was in the locker room of my health club the other day reminiscing with another Marine. Our memories took us back to Korea. He said he got out of PI in early summer of ’50 and joined the columns of Marines swarming to Camp Pendleton where the various drafts were being assembled for reinforcing the troops around Pusan. He said the brigade had already left. For some reason, lack of housing may be, he was billeted at Del Mar. One day a WO with more than 30 years in came through the area looking for volunteers. He also had several .45s, holsters and pistol belts. The gunner also had requisitioned several vehicles. He took his “volunteers” south of the border to TJ to roundup unfortunate jarheads in the Mexican brig. He can back with 12. Said, “I’ll be damned if I would let them stay down there when there is a job to be done.”

BTW. He was quickly sent to Kobe to be “out of the way” and to handle things there when the draft arrived there on the way to the fight.

Semper Fi,

Bob Rader
Sgt ’53-’56, 1405534

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