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United States Marine Corps Heroes

Here is a poem that I wrote when I was in the DEP myself. It means more to me now than it ever did.
By: Lisa Spencer, proud wife of Cpl Jason Spencer Wpns Co 3/25 loving mother of Sydney,9, Dylan,6, and Dakota,2 praying until he comes home safe

It’s a crazy world we live in
Surrounded by cruelty and strife
We all need heros to belive in
Role models who live a good life

Where are these heroes you may ask
I’ve heard nothing about them at all
My favorite hero’s hardest task
Is throwing or catching a ball

You can find them anywhere
Scattered all over the world
Marine Corps heros everywhere
Semper Fi, their motto unfurled

HONOR–no matter the circumstance
COURAGE–no matter the test
COMMITMENT–to freedom with confidence

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