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Untitled – by C/PO1 A.S.

by C/PO1 A.S.

A shadow of uncertainty overwhelmes my thoughts,
Stories of courage make it hard to swallow,
Tales of love lost brings tears to my eyes,
And in the end my life will follow.
I have waited to call it my own for years And soon I will have my chance To join the Few and the Proud Even though my family rants.
People before me have served their time
And though not all have come home,
They can all call themselves Marines
Without a trace of regret shown.
Soon I will be among them,
A leader leading the best.
Taking the baton from those before
Who are taking an unwilling rest.
I will make them all proud,
Proud of what they fought for,
So they it it wasn't in vain,
The freedom which they died for.

Semper Fi
C/PO1 A.S.

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