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Untitled Poem – Clark Admin |

Untitled Poem
Hikari Clark

Roses are red
Violets are blue
The world is over
I no longer have you.

I looked into your eyes
I saw the darkness in your heart
I searched your soul
And then I knew we had to part.

My mind is going wild
What have you done to me
In time we once loved
But this you couldn't see.

A fire burns deep within me
As you scream and shout
What is happening to us
What is this all about.

You run for the door
As I lay there and cry
There is nothing more I can do you say
Please keep me in mind.

This is what I have to do you say
Please try to understand
Soon I will be back home you say
Soon I will take your hand.

Please don't leave me I beg
Please be safe here with me
Please hold me tight I beg
A widow I don't want to be.

Try to stay calm you say
For me you don't have to weep
This is the life I chose
Now please try to go to sleep.

Be proud of me
You say as you pull the covers tight
For I am a Marine
And I have been called to fight.

The war is coming closer
You say this with a smile
My duty is for my country
I must go that extra mile.

For I am a Marine
Be proud of me
For I am a Marine
This you cannot see.

Stand with me you say
Stand tall and proud
Stand with the few that have survived
Stand through the darkened cloud.

Sleep my little darling
Sleep through this horrid night
For when you awake at my station I will be And you will be here without me in sight.

Now I have to go
Sleep sound my little girl
Think not of my departure
Think of us our world.

One day I will return to you
One day you will be mine
One day we will make things right again
One day in due time.

As I think of you
I think of what could have been
As I think of you
I realize I cannot win.

Sweetheart I know that you miss me
But please don't cry
Baby I never meant to lie to you
I did not know I was going to die.

Darling please forgive me
I'm not sure what to say
I'm sorry you have to hear this
That you have to find out this way.

But little girl I still love you
I still think about you all the time
I still wonder what you're up to
Still wonder if you're mine.

Honey please don't be mad at me
Please look at me and smile
For I am a Marine
And I have gone that extra mile.

For this is the life I chose
Please don't look at me and frown
My duty is to my country
That is my crown.

My life has not been in vein
Is your heart not still beating
Is your blood not still red
In time will be our next meeting.

Please don't mourn for me sweetbaby
Because my self I do not mourn
Please don't worry about me honeygirl
Because I have been reborn.

Please don't look upon me with anger
Because for you did I not fight
Please still love me little one
Even though I'm no longer in sight.

Please don't cry for me angelgirl
For I am no longer here
Please don't hate me sweetdarling
For I have no fear.

Be proud of me I demand of you
Honor me I beg and plead
For I was a Marine
And forever I will bleed.

For I will always be a Marine
And you will always be my one
For my pride will never leave you
And my guilt will never run.

Please here my cry
My sweetangelgirl
For I am a Marine
This is my world.

Please believe in me
My one and only
We will be together soon
I will not be lonely.

For I am a Marine
I think as they drop the flag over my coffin
For I am a Marine

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