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USMC 1955 Uniforms

USMC 1955 Uniforms

By: Cpl. Paul Schmidt Jr.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the USMC uniforms we wore in 1955 including summer “khakis”; winter “greens”; “dress blues”; and our olive drab combat uniform (that’s an M1 Garand over my right shoulder and a BAR in my left hand). The young lady in a couple of the pictures is my bride of 60 years. Semper Fi.

-Cpl. Paul Schmidt Jr.
USMC 1954 to 1957.

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Anita Kay Hanson - March 23, 2023

Been invited on the 1st all women vets Honor Flight from Colorado. 20. April.
We wore “peanut suits” in boot camp one piece blouse/shorts combined with buttoned shirt, white tennis shoes & white Sox.

John Durant Cpl, - June 22, 2020

MCRDPI Plt.386 1954 Enlisted men had a combination Rayon/Nylon Marine green belted raincoat compete with button-in combination fabric liner, that could be worn over the Battle “Ike’ Jacket and fingertip length Blouse. Yeah the old cotton Khaki trousers and matching long sleeve shirts faded from sun and washing at different rates so they were NEVER the same shade and the worsted wool “Tropicals” never quite made sense to me,. By my calculations you were married in 1956 while you were in the “CORPSE”, God forgive me but I couldn’t not say it. In My day the word was, “If the Marines wanted you to have a wife, they would have issued you one”. George, does it ever get tiresome to carry your head on that platter? Pray tell us, we are all dying to know, just what was your punishment. Are you childless? Somewhere I have our platoon “Graduation” picture. While serving with E-2-12 we had a gunny who would tell the story about being a DI at PI and whenever a formation of Women Marine Recruits would approach his formation. he would halt the men have them face the approaching women. Then he would loudly pose the question, “What do the Big Cannons Say when the fire?” To which the males would all reply in an equally loud shout, “BAMMM”!

C. Kwiatkowski - June 22, 2020

Don’t forget the multi colored, starched, khakis and the tropical worsted uniforms we wore in the summer. Back in 1954-56 we also had to wear long sleeved shirts and while on base we got away without wearing “field scarves”. Ah yes, the good old days, gone but not forgotten.

George Engel - June 22, 2020

Good times, Dec ’54 to Dec ’57. Semper Fi, brother. Looking good. I even married a Marine, ONCE called her a BAM…. ONCE!

Harry - June 22, 2020

Mr. Caldwell . If there are medals or awards you think you earned but did not receive you can ,even after you were discharged,get them by filing a form DD-149 with a list of the awards you think you earned and submit with proof of service, (Medals and Awards Branch HQ Marine Corps Washington DC

Ed Dodd, 1st LT, USMC forever - June 22, 2020

I also remember all of them, plus Dress Whites. I was commissioned in June 1957 and was on active duty until October 1961. I served in the 2nd and 3rd Tank Battalions and 3rd Anti Tank (ONTOS) Battalions. We also had a heavy winter green overcoat, three pairs of gloves (black, brown and white), and our dress swords, and the “Swagger” Stick.. My uniforms cost me $790.00, which was a lot of money for a new “butter” bar earning $500.00 a month with 3 years of prior service. Also, there were 5 shades of utilities, with 5 different weaves, black leather boots and the brown “boon dockers” plus the black and white dress shoes.

G M Caldwell - June 22, 2020

I remember those days well. I served from 4/56 to 12/62. Those were the times when medals were almost non existint. After almost 7 years I had a good conduct medal (SECOND AWARD). I looked in a medals book and and would have 3 rows of medals if they made them retroactive.

Harry - June 22, 2020

You were one squared away Marine !! SEMPER FI !!

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