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USMC Birthday

USMC Birthday

USMC Birthday

Sgt. Grit,

Thought you might be interested in the attached photos. November 1967 – Birthday-in-the-Field. We were somewhere south of Con Thien. The cake was brought in on a 6X. The Col. cut the first piece and the Top cut the rest. There was enough for everyone in 2/9 to get a piece. As the cake was being brought in a Birddog flew overhead and popped red and blue smoke from its wing tips. What a sight.

The other two shots are of the Moon scape in the area. Farther down the line the Lt. and I got into a heated argument. Like in WWII, the GI Joe cartoons, where they come upon a wall with a window in it. All the glass was broken except on section. The question was, "Are you going to brake it or am I?". The Lt. and I spotted a beautiful bird on a dead tree. It did not belong there, not with death around us. The bird flew away as we tried to decide who was going to shoot it. Strange times, strange memories.

Happy birthday to all and Semper Fi.

John Halpin, Sgt.
Viet-Nam – 2/9

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