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USMC Birthday 1965/66

USMC Birthday 1965/66

Photograph. It was taken by Adrian Aldrich.
Elements of 2nd and 3rd platoons of India Co. 3/3 occupied the top of Hill 69 about three miles west of Chu Lai airbase and manned the road block there. I believe the grunt in the foreground is Mike Irish but I do not recognize the other

Andy Paris
Cpl of Marines
Viet Nam

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don doty - June 17, 2020

Was at outpost along Highway 1 at Song Ca De River Bridge, North of Danang, with our two tanks and platoon of grunts during Oct through Dec ’65. Don’t remember having anything to celebrate the day with.

BRENDAN McCARRON 66,67 DANANG - June 17, 2020


Roger Gibson - June 17, 2020

I like the new format. The old format seemed to encourage “run on” letters more than not about boot camp experience.

Al Thompson (Sgt Comm Plt) - June 17, 2020

I was there with H&S 3/3. I remember ice cream, cake, and red beatle juice. Happy Birthday!

Wayne Dillon SgtMaj. USMC (Ret.) - June 17, 2020

That is a great photo, and thanks for sharing. Do any of you remember LCpl. David E. Hornby, KIA April, 1966? He was with India 3/3. As I told MSgt. Wells, he is a “cousin by marriage.” I went to his funeral when I was seven years old. S/F and Happy Birthday!

Wayne Dillon SgtMaj USMC (Ret.) - June 17, 2020

MSgt. Wells, By chance did you know LCpl. David E. Hornby? He was with India 3/3, KIA in April, 1966. He is sort of “cousin by marriage.” Just visited his grave. He is buried near Lynnville, Indiana. I was seven years old when we went to his funeral. S/F and Happy Birthday!

Dennis J Polak ( Sgt. ) USMC 6511 - June 17, 2020

Was in Chu Lao 65-66 with VMA214 (Black Sheep Squadron) & VMA 224.

Chuck Wells - June 17, 2020

I was in India 3/3 and remember that MC Birthday. Had security on the bridge and spent a number of days a top Hill 69. Was the only time I ask to be on Mess Duty (one day only). Had all the cake and ice cream I could eat.

Charles (Chuck) Wells
MSgt/USMC Retired

michael Hoppes - June 17, 2020

the other marine is cpl.T. F. hutton 2nd.plt e /2-3

Harvey Davis - June 17, 2020

I was there too, about three miles to the east. Sept. 65 – May 66. Thanks for keeping them off us. Hope our A-4s did you some good.
Semper Fi,

H. Davis, Cpl., VMA 211

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