USMC Constant Uniform Spending and Up-keep vs. Times Worn

USMC Constant Uniform Spending and Up-keep vs. Times Worn

What really sucks is the hundreds of dollars spent at cash sales, multiple bullsh*t games put up with during inspections be it Company, CG or the oh so loved ‘dog & pony’ show for a visiting (my personal favorite, haha) dignitary.

Fact is being in WPNS Co 1/7 1st Mar Div all 4yrs active duty only wore my dress uniforms a handful of times and even had my Blues tailor made in 89’ Okinawa.

  • manned the rails in Charlie’s on USS Barbour County a few times over in South West Asia as we pulled into Malaysia and fairy sure also in Singapore as well.
  • went to my California gf’s graduation in my Dress Blues.
  • a road trip from MCAGCC 29 Palms to MCRD San Diego with a bunch of NCO’s after the Gulf War in our Charlies to look into DI school. Never been saluted so much by so many ‘boots’ before. I guess a decent salad bowl (ribbons) on our chests equal officer status in their young eyes, haha.
  • did a West Pac to Hawaii on USS New Orleans and stood tall as we pulled into Pearl Harbor. I highly recommend all Marines/veterans visit those hollowed grounds.
  • finally I dawned the ole’ Blues once again after I got off active & did 4 more in my hometown Reserves. Besides a couple Marine Corps Balls had a few friends get married and busted them out. Now maybe it’s because I live in the Puget Sound surrounded by Joint Base Lewis/McCord & the Bangor Trident Naval Base, but Marines are few & far apart in this neck of the woods.

My recruiter was finally right about something, (although a lying Curd Dog when it came to the fleet, haha) our uniforms are’ chick magnets! Got more than a few dates around civilians as I stood out in the crowd.

All said & done I guess I wouldn’t change a thing… damn good memories made and the best of brothers served with!

Sgt Horn, Justin D
USMC 88-96’

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