USMC Constant Uniform Spending and Up-keep vs. Times Worn

USMC Constant Uniform Spending and Up-keep vs. Times Worn

What really sucks is the hundreds of dollars spent at cash sales, multiple bullsh*t games put up with during inspections be it Company, CG or the oh so loved ‘dog & pony’ show for a visiting (my personal favorite, haha) dignitary.

Fact is being in WPNS Co 1/7 1st Mar Div all 4yrs active duty only wore my dress uniforms a handful of times and even had my Blues tailor made in 89’ Okinawa.

  • manned the rails in Charlie’s on USS Barbour County a few times over in South West Asia as we pulled into Malaysia and fairy sure also in Singapore as well.
  • went to my California gf’s graduation in my Dress Blues.
  • a road trip from MCAGCC 29 Palms to MCRD San Diego with a bunch of NCO’s after the Gulf War in our Charlies to look into DI school. Never been saluted so much by so many ‘boots’ before. I guess a decent salad bowl (ribbons) on our chests equal officer status in their young eyes, haha.
  • did a West Pac to Hawaii on USS New Orleans and stood tall as we pulled into Pearl Harbor. I highly recommend all Marines/veterans visit those hollowed grounds.
  • finally I dawned the ole’ Blues once again after I got off active & did 4 more in my hometown Reserves. Besides a couple Marine Corps Balls had a few friends get married and busted them out. Now maybe it’s because I live in the Puget Sound surrounded by Joint Base Lewis/McCord & the Bangor Trident Naval Base, but Marines are few & far apart in this neck of the woods.

My recruiter was finally right about something, (although a lying Curd Dog when it came to the fleet, haha) our uniforms are’ chick magnets! Got more than a few dates around civilians as I stood out in the crowd.

All said & done I guess I wouldn’t change a thing… damn good memories made and the best of brothers served with!

Sgt Horn, Justin D
USMC 88-96’

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  • Michael Darby

    I will be 80 in September & still wear my dress blues to our local memorial Day services, Vets Day dinner & Vets Day ceremony! I’ll always wear them with pride and still get “thanks for your service” comments and compliments on our USMC uniforms! So,I say, Semper Fi, gyrenes!!!

  • MSG Joe Calvet 75-01

    Amen brother

  • LCpl Richard E Jenkins

    Went in 1959 and got out 1965 and never owned a set of Dress Blues, also never had an occasion to wear them. Times have changed it seems. There are a lot more occasions to wear them now days. When I went in the only Marines that received them where the Honor Man from each Platoon, also if you went to Sea Duty or Embassy Duty. For the rest of us if you wanted a set it came out of your paycheck. looking back I wished I would have purchased them. The female population loves a Marine Uniform but more panties have been dropped by wearing the Dress Blues. Semper Fi Brothers

  • Sgt. Eric Tipton

    I guess the best thing about serving during the height of the Vietnam War was a lot of work but few inspections. My service A uniform spent about as much time in the tailor shop changing chevrons as I did wearing it and never owned a set of Blues. I still managed to meet my share of the ladies.

  • David Spencer (former SSgt USMC)

    Quit whining Marines! I did it all for 10 glorious years, 1969-1979 with 1 tour in Vietnam (1971). I never once thought about the cost of upkeep in order to look my best which is an important part of the tradition! Look your best always! Semper Fi Marines! Oorah!

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