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USMC Dress Coat 1859

My Fellow Marines,

My name is Sgt. Carl Kurtz (Fmr) I served between 1999-2005 I was attached with MCSFCo. Kingsbay, 2/3 and 1/23. I have attached some photos of a rare kind. This is of the 1859 Dress blues. Now for a little bit of History (again). We all know that during the Civil War our personal history is not very well known. Like the rest of the country we were split. As you look at this coat think of all of the similarities on our dress blues today. The buttons although today are anodized are the exact same print as back then. Other aspects carry over the cuff design, the collar, the seven rows of buttons (although the last one is hidden now) even the frock style design of the jacket itself. I have been studying this coat with the help of some folks down at the National Marine Corps Museum for the last six years, I am in the process of making a reproduction to be shown at the Anniversary Civil War Battle in Gettysburg PA this coming July. (photos will follow) Some other aspects that are missing from these photos are, the gold shoulder epaulets and the rank. NCO?s at the time (Cpl?s and Sgt?s) would have had their strips the same as today although a bit larger. The NCO sword we carry today is the same as the 1850 Army Officer foot sword from back then, although it has gone through some slight changes over time like the scabbard and the blade etching. The photo of the cover is of a reproduction although made directly off of the 1859 regulations.

In the following months I will email you all photos and a finial description of all the information shown. This coat was listed to auction For a little over $28,000.

Carl Kurtz
Fort Worth TX

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