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USMC Red Flag Proudly displaying our USMC flag from Sgt. Grit. By the way this flag saved our bacon….we live on a 60 acre farm in the Pacific Northwest. At the crack of dawn one morning a SWAT team of DEA guys drove up our 1/4 mile long driveway trying to access a spot in the woods north of our property where a pot field had been spotted from the air. Looking suspiciously at us at first [my husband was smoking….and he rolls his own to save money]they spotted the USMC flag and immediately relaxed. From their subsequent comments we could tell we were off the hook in their minds, as rightfully we should have been. Finding no way to get-there-from-here, they left and we never saw them again. I don’t know if they ever found what they were looking for, and I haven’t had the nerve to hike back there and look for it either. Periodically though a blackhawk type helicopter circles the woods north of our place real low in a grid search pattern. When they fly by, I just stand by my Sgt. Grit USMC flag and wave.

Ronna who has a green thumb but only for plants legal to grow
Proud mother of two Marines, LCpl Derek & Dylan

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