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USMC Harley and Vest

USMC Harley and Vest


Hello, I served from 1974 to 1981, in both communication and reconnaissance. I can’t believe how much I miss the Corps. I’m 50 you now. This Is my Harley, 1972 Shovelhead, 80″stroker, “throw together” 1958 swingarm frame, 1984 FXWG front-end, 72 motor with 82 inners. I have Marine emblem on rear fender, sticker on my oil tank stating “In memory of the brothers and sisters who didn’t come home. VietNam 1957-1975” and front and back of my cut-off, I wore EVERY time I rode. And believe it or not, I was lit up by LAPD, And L.A. County Sheriff more than once, I managed a beer bar in the north end of San Fernando valley. Not once in the two years working there before moving, was I stopped, for any reason. Bike was a little loud, and sometimes I rode a little fast. They lit me up, then drove on, every once in awhile, I got a nod or a wave. I supported the Red & Black. I’m always wearing my “Sateen Blouse” or full Sateen uniform, including bloused boots.


God bless all Marines, past, present and future.
Semper Fi.

L/Cpl Johnson
1st Mar Div
3rd Mar Div FMF

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