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USMC Invocation

Marine Corps Birthday Ball Invocation
University of Oklahoma
Sgt George R. Gordy IV

Another glorious night of the Lord,
Another glorious night in the Corps!

Dear Heavenly Father,
What a privilege it is to be able to assemble here this evening to celebrate the birth of the United States Marine Corps. Lord, you were here before we came, and you saw fit that on 10 November 1775, a United States Marine Corps be established. Lord, we pray that you would help us to live up to your might expectations.

We are told that our purpose is to contact, close with, and destroy the enemy, but we know that in your eyes, the lives of our enemies are just as valuable as the lives of our comrades. Help us focus on our ultimate goal of pursuing world peace and establishing security for all men. And may we do our part in upholding the legacy of or Corps, maintaining our values of honor, courage and commitment. Yes, warriors and gentlemen forever.

As long as Marines are on duty, may this nation find rest in us. As we submit to you.

Now Lord, thank you for the meal that has been prepared for us this evening. Thank you for the service of all hands that took part in its preparation. May they be rewarded well for their labors. We pray that this meal would bring forth nourishment and satisfaction to our bodies.

Always faithful to our God, our families, our friends, and our Corps. This night we pray, “Satisfaction to the Lord, and long live the Corps!” In your precious, holy name.

Semper Fi,

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Paul wilson - October 9, 2022

Outstanding invocation. I think I will borrow it for this year’s 247th birthday ball. Semper Fi. Chaplain of the Jack Ivy Detachment 666.

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