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USMC Poem – Lewis

by Sgt Lewis 31 MEU 97~99

Our Live are lonely, and our days are dry.
So Far from home, but to proud to cry
With the mission in mind, and the strength inside,
We stride forth to keep our dream alive,
Never to bitch or to run a stray,
We look forward to each breathing day,
No Matter what it or how it comes,
We take it like gods under the fierce hot sun,
Keeping in mind when the battle is won
Your friends never forgotten, but your time has come
To say goodbye to the life in which live
Knowing the life of a Marine will never give,
Fighting forth each and every day,
Knowing our pride will guide our way
In good or Bad, Pain and Pride
A true Marine will Never DIE!!!!

Sgt Brian J Lewis
31st MEU, MSSG

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