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USMC Poem Tribute

Written by: P. Hurley

I sit in my shiny new office at my beautiful new desk and I want to scream

I want to scream so loud that everyone within a hundred miles hears the tearing of my vocal cords

I want to slam my fist into the walls of that shiny office again and again until my blood mixes with the crumbling plaster

I want to pick up that beautiful desk with its promise of normalcy and hurl it across the room

I want to see it shatter

It?s jagged broken pieces proof that things are anything but normal

My friends are fighting

And I am not with them

And my friends are dying

And though the sound of their blood splashing to the ground is as deafening to me as a million car alarms screeching their incessant noise into the air

I cannot allow myself to falter now

I cannot give into the grief

Even though it tears at my heart like an eagle digging into the soft body of a rabbit

I can?t because it?s what I owe them

What we promised to each other

What we swore the day we became the most powerful, caring, devoted beings this planet has ever seen or will ever see again

We promised to be Always Faithful

Faithfully live on for those of us who don?t make it home

Always grasp each moment

Wrestle it to the ground

And squeeze out of it everything that moment has to offer until it begs for mercy

We will do this for each other without hesitation

Without regrets

For we are more honorable than the pope

We are more courageous than superman

And we are more committed to freedom than you can ever possibly imagine

So the hot tears burn my eyes begging to fall

But I will not allow them

Be proud of me brothers

As we are proud of you

We will carry on for you

We will still fight

We will still always win

For we are and always will be

United States Marines


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