USS Ralph Johnson Package

USS Ralph Johnson Package

The United States Navy commissioned the Arleigh Burke guided missile destroyer, USS Ralph Johnson March 24 in Charleston, South Carolina. The ship is named after Private First Class Ralph H. Johnson who was posthumously awarded the Medal Of Honor in 1968 after diving on a hand grenade to shield two fellow Marines.

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  • Gunny philip Lambeth

    For all that gave all .oct.23rd, 1983 in the sands of hell we cannot 2nd battalion Beirut there’s not a day that go’s by that I don’t think of my brothers.

  • Mike M. RVN 69/70

    Damn it! Forty nine years later I still cry for our brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice in that hellhole. Semper fidelis

  • Fred Romero (62-66) MATCU-65: Yuma, AZ

    We Marines are a crazy lot, a proud lot and a loyal lot… looking forward to meeting you on the other side my brother.

  • Paul Annetts

    Outstanding Marine! Hoorah! Semper Fi!

  • John Randall Sgt USMC 1963 to 67, 1st MAW Danang AB RVN 1966

    Semper Fi Marine Johnson. See you at The Gates.

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