Very First Tattoo

Very First Tattoo

Got my first tattoo for my 70th Birthday. Sgt. J.A. Doss Jr.
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  • Daniel Strope E-4 68 – 72

    We had a D I who whenever we did something so (outstanding) at the time, it would become time to do some extra pt, like squat thrust, he would pull a chair out of the duty hut, have a seat have a can of something cold to drink and tell us to begin and not stop until he had a ring of sweat around him, this would be made by the cold wet can of drink. but it never made it around him because of the blacktop and MCRD SD sun, what fun. I also recall getting to go to the movie picture show on base while in boot camp and see the latest best movie ever made at the time, Hall of Montezuma. We stood at parade rest by our seats the whole movie.

  • Jack Emr

    Jack Emr we were marching at right shoulder arms for I don’t know how long but my arm was killing me. I tought the drill instructor couldn’t see me so I shook my right hand and he caught me. He stopped the platoon and said term do you see that cigarette but across the parade ground well go get on the double. Iran across the parade field and hunted for a butt (PI rarely had butts they were mostly field stripped) but as luck would have it I found one. Ran my you know what of to bring him that butt. When l got there and presented the butt he looked at and said I don’t smoke lucky strikes go back and find my brand.

  • l tokach Former S/Sgt. USMC

    We went through the same scenario in 65 at P.I. I can’t recall how we hung our clothes after hand washing them on the cement wash tables.

  • Tom Harleman, 1970-1999

    Dear Jim. What the hell is that pouch on the recruit in the foreground’s rear end?

  • J.C. Wile

    Great tat thinking of getting my first at age 68 Sgt J.C. Wile man vet Feb 68 Nov69 liked it so much stayed an extra 6.

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