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Veterans Day Assembly

Veterans day poems read by:
Tiffany Incorvaia

On November 10th,2005 my daughter’s school has a ceremony honoring all the Veterans . and as we all know It was also the Marine’s birthday . Well my daughter being 11 and wanting to show her support > She only got to read her poem ,and in the middle of it she broke down and cried . The teacher had to finish it for her. after that she of course came to me she needed a hug. I got her calmed down she went back to her seat. I looked around and there was not a dry eye in the place. She made such a impact on other children, the Veterans , and guests that I had people telling me so. They said that it was nice to know that a 11 year old child could make a impact . The American Legion is getting her reading in full today . I am proud of her So If I may share her reading with you to pass onto All Marines that read your letter. I think some might like it.
Hi my name is Tiffany Incorvaia

I would like to start out by saying a big THANK YOU to all the men and woman who have served this country . . I would also like to say Happy Birthday to the Marine Corp. It is their 230th birthday today . I bet you are wondering how I would know this . I know a lot about the Marines for my grandpa has told us a lot . He is a Marine and so is my Uncle Butchie and as I am reading this my oldest cousin is on Parris Island .training to be a Marine. I am very proud to be apart of this family. that has served and is serving our country.

I worked with my mom on this and we would sit doing research on the computer . She would show me different things about soldiers from way back to now. Some things would make me cry others laugh ,but mostly I felt a pride. I have read a couple of Poems and letters from soldiers and I would like to share a few with you if I may I found these in the Hudson River Sampler.

This one is called:


It?s the SOLDIER, not the reporter who
Has giving us the freedom of the press.
It?s the SOLDIER, not the poet ,who has
Giving us the freedom of speech.
It?s the SOLDIER, not the politicians, that
Ensures our right to Life, Liberty and the Persuit Of hapiness. It?s the SOLDIER who salutes the FLAG who serves
Beneath the flag, and whos cpffin is draped by the flag.
Author unknown

My next reading is by me:

You don?t even know my name ,
But you will give your life for me.
You have seen things so that I will not .have too.
You make it safe for me to be a child and smile
I worry about You , Hope that You will come
Home and see your loved ones.
I want you to know if you don?t get to come
Home . That you are my friend , SOLDIER
And when I get to Heaven I will know you
For you will be keeping Gods house safe.

Thank you very much for letting me have the honor of sharing with you today . May God bless you ,and remember We as young Americans are honored by you sharing veterans day assembly with us . Thank You


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