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Veterans Hat

Veterans Hat
Robert Charles Steinmeyer

I had a man come up to me
He ask me why I wore a hat in such a manner as I did
With patches and pins that clearly read Veteran United States Marine
I turned and proudly answered, well my friend it goes like this
I wear this hat not just for me
Although I certainly earned the right to bear the title of the United States Marines
No, I wear it for the veterans who served long before both you and me
Both on and off the battle fields offering their greatest sacrifice, again for you and me
I wear it for all who serve today both in the air, on the land and on the sea
I wear it as a reminder for all those who stand around and next to me
Of the blanket of freedom and security
These veterans afford us every day and every night we go to sleep
But most of all I wear in my fathers memory
Who valiantly served the 1st Marines fighting in Korea
Who when I volunteered and joined the Marines
Was so very proud me
I wear it in honor of my mother who endured the tears and sleepless nights
Waiting for her loved ones to call alone, homesick and filled with fright
You see my family has quite a military past
My Father and I in the 1st Marines
My brother in the US Navy
My Brother in-law retiring from the US Coast Guard
And now my Niece is in the Marine Corps and married to a Marine
Now with so much corruption and disregard for basic human rights
You might be comforted in knowing we who wear these hats
Still believe and are ready, able and willing to fight
For God, Country and decency
And for this I wear my hat so proudly
As the conscience and the heart of a person who will never forget
God Bless the USA and all its US military Vets
And Semper Fi to all my brother Marines

Robert Charles Steinmeyer
United States Marine Corps Veteran
Semper Fi

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