Vietnam 67 - 68

I joined the Marine Corps in 1957 and retired in 1978. I was with 3rd Bn. 9th Marines. We left Okinawa in Jan 1967 but I can’t remember how we entered Vietnam. If anyone who was with 3-9 at that time could e-mail me and let me know how we landed I would appreciate it very much..I’m starting to forget a lot of things and I don’t want to forget how I got to Vietnam.
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  • Bill 0331

    I have a weekly group meeting with other Nam vets and, one guy was with C 1/9 tell us that they were in and out of country a few times. He was there late 66 early 67. his Company was pulled out and sent to Oki. Camp Schab for a while and then loaded on the LPH Iwo Jima sent to Subic Bay then back to Mekong for a few weeks during Operation Deckhouse V . Back to OKI then home. It appears that all three Battalions were in and out during that time. I don’t know for sure just say’n Bill 0331 E 2/1 68-69

  • Lynn B Webster

    Hello Fellow Marines,I am confused also about my time in Vietnam.I remember landing in Danang in late March of 1967,I then was transferred to camp carrol ?I then remember being told I was assigned to F/2/9 ?I ended up at DongHa,and from there I was sent into the field. I was wounded on July 5th 1967,I remember on the 4th looking toward the DMZ and watching the Napalm being dropped on the NVA,then the evening of the 4th we started getting mortared and some chicom grenades were actually being thrown into our perimeter,we then moved back to higher ground,On the morning of the 5th Whom ever I was with ,we got mortared and from what I remember hearing is we had 4 KIA,and 37 wounded?I don’t think I was with F/2/9.any help to clarify this?

  • Benny Skeldon

    Please send info how to get my service record book.
    I was a 0331, 3/3 arrived in Nam August 1968 left in August 1969.

  • Ronald Bostwick

    Also interested in the contact info:
    Official Military Personnel Files
    A former Marine may request a copy of his/her records directly from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) by writing:

    National Personnel Records Center
    1 Archives Drive
    St. Louis, MO 63138
    Telephone: 314-801-0800
    Fax: 314-801-9195

    Is this the correct Department you addressed?

  • Richard Verderamo

    I was with Lima 3/9 . We left Okinawa in January in a troop carrier and landed in mike boats,
    my most was 0311. we traveled to the triangle just north of. Camp Carroll . hope this helps you, SEPRI FI

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