Vietnam 67 - 68

I joined the Marine Corps in 1957 and retired in 1978. I was with 3rd Bn. 9th Marines. We left Okinawa in Jan 1967 but I can’t remember how we entered Vietnam. If anyone who was with 3-9 at that time could e-mail me and let me know how we landed I would appreciate it very much..I’m starting to forget a lot of things and I don’t want to forget how I got to Vietnam.
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  • Harry

    4-Apr-68 Flew in to Da-Nang on a Japanese charter DC-9 from Oki. Landed about 2200 local time. Still remember the rush of heat when the rear hatch was opened. Harry

  • Nick 0311/8531

    A.M. I ‘m sure Murray is right. If you came in 67 you most likely flew in on a charter flight from OKI. 3/9 there since early 65 and came to shore at Red Beach and set up camp around the airbase at Da-nang Nick 0311/8531

  • Harry

    Still here Murray ! Happy 4th! Harry .

  • Murray Hermanson

    Not sure for you, but that inning of the game most of us were flying in on 707’s. 26th Marines was still coming in as a unit but most off us were replacements by that time. I came in Dec 66. I did go with 3/9 on a couple of operations in June and July 67. You must have been with them still. Do you remember operation Buffalo, 2 July 67 when we went in to get 1/9 out. If you were there you wouldn’t forget this. It is said to be the worst loss for the Marine Corps in Vietnam. I hope I can still use the computer when I get your age. Figuring with the years you put, you must be about 10 years older and was probably Sgt. or above when in Vietnam. What was your MOS? mine was 1371, Harry and I are proud of that. Been awhile since the news letter has been on line. Hope you guys didn’t give up on it. Murray served Feb66 to Nov69, Vietnam Dec66 to Aug68 back May69 to Aug 69, went with 1/9, 2/9, 3/9 and 2/26 and others on many operations.

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