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Vietnam Photos

Vietnam Photos

Here are some photos for you. I believe ‘Out5’ is just down the road to the left of the frame from ‘Marine16’. Marine 15 and 16 were described to me as a place where Marines had compounds. As you can see the area is a huge industrial complex.
Marine 15 Marine 16 Out 5 If you look at Big tp Da Nang map you will see Dien Bien Phu ST running just under the big letters Q. Thanh Khe which is in the upper left. This street runs out of town to the left to the hills in the previous email. This road is the same road on the larger area map that runs out to Hoa Son. Hoa is a word for commune and may not relate to older maps that will have names of villages and hamlets.

Big Buddha is down this road just as you get out of town. This monastery is also an area said to be built on a Marine compound.
Big Map (click to enlarge) Big tp Da Nang (Click to enlarge) Big Budda Marine 1 and Out 6 are near each other. The hootch on the right in Out6 has a sign over its door that said RECON with a skull and crossbones. You can’t tell but I remember.

Hill 22 road1 is a shot of the road leading up to Hill 22. Its a plowed dirt road. Its on the road between Hoa Son and Hoa Nhon right about where the DA in TP Da Nang is. I am still scanning photos from that roll. Its just a hill top where some obvious activity occured but aside from some old holes and busted bricks there is really nothing to see. Its totally overgrown except for the road. The locals told me the complex on Hill 22 was on both sides of this main street. I’ve also been over the Nam O bridge on the way to the Hai Van Pass and onward to Hue. This is an area that’s ripe for touristy development. This area from Nam O and north around the point is very beautiful. Semper FI

Dick Brown
Marine 1 Out 6 Hill 22 Road 1

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