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Vietnam Veteran of Fox2/5

Vietnam Veteran of Fox2/5

Corrections to story about the youngest Marine KIA,June 7,1969. Dan Bullock was killed in a bunker along with Larry Eglindorfer,,Bunn,and Hunnicutt by a sachel charge thrown in the bunker by a VC/NVA soldier. That explosion was the first sound of battle that lasted until almost daylite when the remaining enemy withdrew toward Duc Duc. Montgomery was killed some distance away by mortars.I was with Bullock most of the afternoon when our squad was ordered to stand bunker duty as we had for several days. He said nothing about his weapon being turned in,,his age,,or anything else. I was in the bunker just beside Bullock,,,your story is scuttlebutt,,H&S was not there. I saw the idiot fat-ass with the tommy gun. He also shot one of the dead NVA with his 45,,to which I replied( Ain’t he dead enough for you you dumb ass,and told him to get the hell away from my dead people,,he was a Major and not a LT. (See Fox2/5 Assoc Spring news letter for the facts). Dan Bullock was no hero,,he was dead before the battle started as was all four in that bunker. The idiot Major I hope is still living and he reads about just how close he came to really pissing me and several others off.He also told me I could not have the belt and other items I took off a dead NVA,so I asked him If He thought him and his toy gun were bad enough to stop me,and that if I were him,I wouldn’t step in the blood with his shiny boots. He left.I stayed until my buddies were bagged and gone.
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Gene Tucker - May 4, 2020

According to COMMAND CHRONOLIGIES which you can research for Fox 2/5,Fox co only lost three KIA in Sept 69.If you know a date you might can get the picture of what happened with perhaps some degree of accuracy

Gene Tuicker - May 4, 2020

In reply to Gene Tucker.
I just talked to 2nd platoon gun squad leader that nite and he was the only gun at delta sector that nite. There was a 50 cal working somewhere once in a while,possibly on a truck or vehicle that brought coffee. Pile of 50 cal brass on the runway. For years,we who know the real story of Dan Bullock have held it sacred.we agreed to tell the story last year,and it is published in a Fox2/5 Association newsletter.Written by several who were there.

Reymundo Sanchez - May 4, 2020

Does any one know of David M Hartogh…was KIA Sept.69. We both were in Boot Camp all the way to the Nam. We were then separated, in Da Nang. I was sent to Lima 3/5. Would appreciate any info….

Gene Tucker - May 4, 2020

In reply to Mike Bessette.
I came to Fox in April 69 and left in September. Did Darrell have a nickname like everybody else? I don’t remember the name. was in Fox 2 Bravo

Gene Tucker - May 4, 2020

In reply to Sgt. Stephen Ford.
Gene Tucker ‘aka’ SPOOK. Eggie was given our squad that day,taking over from Kosi because he got promoted to CPL I guess. The guy shooting from the roof was probably Ed Martin”crazy Marty” who was using a .22 pistol he bought from another squad member. I have no idea why Eggie took 3 new guys in his bunker. Not sure but one might have been in country a while,,maybe Hunnicutt.I could write a book on all the lies told about Bullock’s death,including the original about us running out of ammo and his getting killed going for ammo.One simply does not run out of ammo at AnHoa,nor did he even fire a shot.None of them did. Nichols was on the m-60 I think.A guy in my bunker popped a flare that bounced off the bunker roof,and Eggie’s bunker blew up at that instant as I remember. We were all flash blinded for a few minutes moving back to the trench. Not sure about which bunker I was in but we were told to move left to take up the slack. I found one of the corrugated metal fighting positions and worked from there. Stayed there til day.

Mike Bessette - May 4, 2020

Did any of you know Darrell McLaughlin Fox 2/5 1969?

Sgt. Stephen Ford - May 4, 2020

Just who are you, I was in the bunker to the right of eggie’s the M-60 bunker, the line turned at my bunker so the land based 8″ guns were to my right as you looked out from our postions.I had a Marine shooting from the roof of the bunker.

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