VMA 225 On Board the USS Enterprise CVAN-65 during the Blockade of Cuba in 1962

VMA 225 On Board the USS Enterprise CVAN-65 during the Blockade of Cuba in 1962

VMA 225 was the first Marine squadron to serve on a nuclear powered carrier. we were on board the Enterprise from Oct.20 to Dec.9 1962 as part of the blockade of Cuba, I was a 6511 MOS (aviation ordnance) & I still remember the first three days aboard ship we only got three hours sleep getting all our A4D 2N Skyhawk aircraft configured with external stores racks and loaded with munitions with pilots sitting in their aircraft on all four cats with sealed orders as we thought we were going to war.
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  • Robert Herd

    If I remember correctly, they made a movie about the Cuban Missile Crisis titled “15 Days in October”, but just like the story above we only made it home just in time for Christmas. The Radio Relay platoon that I was in spent 3 months floating around Cuba on the USS Chilton, otherwise known as the “Chilton Hilton”. Not the most luxurious cruise ship. We were loaded rather hastily and somehow they forgot to give us enough ammo for our M-14’s (about seven rounds per man), so maybe we should be thankful that we convinced the bad guys to quit their sabre rattling.

  • Cpl Fidel J Lominchar (75-79)

    Back in 1962, I was a five year-old boy living in a little town called Hershey, about an hours drive from Havana, Cuba; one night, we heard a plane flying overhead and the air raid sirens were sounding, fortunately, there was no attack. Move forward to 1975, and I am on a flight from Atlanta to Charleston, SC on my way to Parris Island. In 1979, when working the Visiting Aircraft Line at Cherry Point, I actually got to work on some A-4s, similar to the ones in the picture. It’s amazing how life can play out sometimes.

  • CWO2 Beye

    What is this 6511’s name?

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