Dear Sgt Grit:

In December my boyfriend and I took a trip to Bethsda MD. He is one of many Vietnam Veterans who a participating in the Vietnam Warrior Head Injury Study. The study has tracked Vietnam veterans who had combat head injuries for the last 12 years. The result of this study are being used to help treat our soldiers who are now dealing with those types injures.

Korean War Memorial Vietnam War Memorial partially covered with snow Robert on a walk with light snow falling

Robert is an inspiration. With the exception of a limp you would never have know that he had been pronounced dead with an open head wound and extensive injures to both legs and arms from 3 hand grenades. His story and this study will help current and future generations of our soldiers.

While in Washington D.C. doing a little sight seeing we visited the WWII Memorial to offer our respects and thanks to those who served and those who died, the Korean War Memorial, my father was in the Navy served on the USS Midway in Korea, and of course to the Vietnam Memorial. When we were exiting the metro it was raining and begining to snow. There were gentlemen selling umbrellas, one looked at Robert and said he doesn’t need one his a Vietnam Vet and a Marine. Amen!!! I am attaching these pictures.

I love my Marine, we is stubborn, strong and caring and most of all a survivor. I also want to thank all those who had served, are serving and will serve. Because of those courageous men I continue to enjoy the freedom they fight to preserve.

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