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We Decided To Try

Korea Marines Reunite after 55 years Sgt. Grit

Three of us Marines in Korea were very good friends as radio operators in Regimental Tactical Air Control, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division. I got out at the end of my enlistment, became a teacher, principal and County Commissioner of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. My friend, Walt (Melvin Walton), became a minister and my other friend, Pablo, stayed in the Corps to serve three tours in Vietnam. Walt and I heard Pablo had been killed in Vietnam. One day when Walt and I were talking on the phone we decided to try to verify that Pablo had been killed and, if not, to try to find him. I subscribed to a computer program called People Finders. I knew that Pablo came from either Texas or Oklahoma. I searched Texas first (very easily done) and didn’t find him. I searched Oklahoma and found a Pablo Trujillo who matched in age, etc. I called and it was he. After 55 years I had reached him on the first telephone call I made! I’m sending a picture of our reunion. I’m the one in the blue cap, Pablo is next to me and Walt is on my far right.

Jim Weir

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