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We Had A Colorful History

We Had A Colorful History

Just wanted to comment on Ddick's article about the 175mm guns (SP) titled "Sillyvillian". I have been reading your outstanding newsletters for a long time and have always enjoyed reading all the story's and Ddicks's comments.

He apparently has worked extensively with our battery, the 3rd 155/175mm Gun Battery (SP) while at AnHoa combat base. Our battery was in country for 5 years, August 1965 to August, 1970. We had a colorful history, some good times and some not so well. The battery was awarded four PUC's and one NUC for operations we participated in.

As Ddick mentions we had two 175's blow the tubes off, injuring several of our gun crew, I included pictures of the guns after the incidents. We also had one of our 155 guns blow the breach in August '68 that killed 3 of the gun crew and injured others. The 3rd Guns are having our fifth reunion this October in San Diego, CA, and some of our members after reading Ddick's comments would like to contact him to get some inside information on what caused the accidents and invite him to our reunion.

My email address is Please contact me so our members can talk with you. You all do a great job!

L/Cpl. Ed Kirby
​Nam, '68-'69 

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