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We’re a United States Marines and Devil Dog

We’re a United States Marines and Devil Dog
by LCpl Jeffrey P. Jordan

LCpl Jordan's EGA tattoo Attached are 2 poems I wrote about the Marine Corps, and a picture of my Eagle, Globe, and Anchor tattoo.

LCpl Jeffrey P. Jordan, USMC 2003-2005

We’re a United States Marines

In South Carolina or California we spend 13 weeks in Hell
Then to SOI or MCT and from there no one can tell
We hit the fleet with both feet running swift
The one thing we learned in bootcamp is you better be quick

For over 200 years we fought our country?s wars to the best
The whole world knows that we?ve passed the test
The Halls of Montezuma, Belleau Wood, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa
The Chosin Reservoir, Da Nag, Hue City, and Khe Sanh

We?ve fought on every soil, sky, and water
The forests, jungle, swamps, mountains, and even made a trip to the desert
Grenada and Panama, Beirut and Somalia, Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan
It doesn?t really matter because you know where we stand

We are all brothers and sisters of the Corps
From north to south and shore to shore
Proud of our history, honors, and traditions
To be one of us comes with a condition

God, Country, Corps in that order
We are the best, there is no other
Black and white; red, brown, or yellow, we?re all green
By God?s grace, we?re a United States Marine!

Devil Dog

In June 1918, at the Battle of Belleau Wood
America?s promise was made good
Into the woods, six times they went
On that hallowed ground much blood was spent

The 5th and 6th Marines fought hard
They made the Germans pay for every yard
The Huns were prepared to launch mustard gas
And we were ready to fight to the last

Up the hill with a gas mask on
Sweating, fighting, killing in the early morning dawn
Blood shot eyes and foaming at the mouth
The German army was scared of the truth

They jumped from their foxholes and ran away
They yelled to their brothers but all they could say
?Teufel Hunden! Teufel Hunden!?
As they ran from their den

We took the hill and we took the forest
And a new name the Germans gave to us
Because we fought like hounds from Hell
DEVIL DOG is now what we yell!

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