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Welcome Home for Viet Nam Vets

My local Marine Corps League detachment is involved in the local Welcome home celebrations for retuning veterans of all services.  It was brought to the committe chairmans attention that many Viet Nam Veterans have missed that recognition, so he decided to do something about it…  here is a letter he just sent out to those interested.  Please help support this great cause…

Subject: 2015 Vietnam Veterans Honor Parade


A quick update on the status of next year's May 2nd parade to honor Vietnam veterans and their families in Citrus County's beautiful city of Inverness, Florida.
I received approval last night from the Secretary of Defense office in Washington on Operation Welcome Home's application to be allowed into the Commemorative Partner with the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration.
This is a huge step to parade success.  We are now able to apply for a number of support items from the government if resources are available.  This includes things such as flyovers, static displays, aerial demonstration teams, event materials, commemorative pins, and much more.  All, of course, depending upon two things.  Federal funding, which I understand is available at the moment, and adequate participation numbers influencing release of that funding.  Therefore it will be important that we not only have great numbers of Vietnam War heroes in attendance to be honored from around the State, but have their families joining them to be cheered by patriotic American citizens who did not serve in the War wishing to provide a long overdue honor to those dishonored upon return from the Vietnam War.  With your support I do not believe these to be issues to cause worry.
We will be having local management level meetings beginning next week and more details will be provided as they become firm.  Meanwhile, on behalf of Operation Welcome Home, I ask that you spread the word to your veterans organizations and other contacts regarding this endeavor.  Should you have someone you wish added to this email list, please send it to me.  Of course, if you wish to be removed from the list your request will be honored but I sincerely hope you will provide your total support.  If you are new to the list and wish more information, please contact me or go to our website and click on the link regarding the Vietnam Veteran Parade.  Updates to it will be posted as information becomes available.
God Bless America.
John Stewart
Operation Welcome Home
Thanks for helping spread the word. 
Dave Chilbert
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