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Welcome Home poem

I had a woman on one of my MOM boards ask for a Welcome Home poem from a Marine Mom to Marine… I became inspired as I never EVER again want another military member to come back and not feel WELCOMED HOME… I always tell every VET I meet, Welcome Home and give them a huge hug… ya know… Marines are required to give Marine Moms hugs, and once a Marine / Marine Mom always a Marine / Marine Mom… my son is with the 3/5 and will be home within the month… and I wanted to share this with you… if you feel its good enough to share with the world, you have my permission to use it on your site.



Welcome Home
By: Marge Reich

Welcome Home, my Hero, my boy, my Son
You’ve been through a lot, of this I’m assured.
For both of us it’s been a very long time
The good of what you’ve done yet to be heard.

I watched you as you gathered
the things you would need
Seeing your excitement,
innocence glowing in your eyes
Not wanting you to do this,
not wanting you to grow up
I sat in your room, biting my lip,
saying our goodbyes

You went to build sand castles
across the sea
Your goals were to give Freedom
to the oppressed
With the best of intentions
for people of that land
In your camos,
with weapons and backpacks you dressed.

September went quickly,
even though you were far away
The phone calls and emails
were coming often enough.
October flew by,
but I could tell things were picking up
And I realized, with dread,
the next month would be tough.

November came with news
that our guys were in Fallujah.
I sat glued to the TV,
watching the news day and night.
Watched as our guys went door to door,
house to house
Finding insurgents who on this city were a blight.

During this time, news came
we lost some good men
To name a few, Blecksmith, Kirk, Smith,
your roommate Kielion
These were hard times, not only for you guys,
but also for us.
December finally dawnedanother blow –
I heard it was Rund.

These awesome men gave it all,
for their country and kin
We will always remember their sacrifice,
hold their memories dear.
We thank them for the gift
they have bestowed upon us
So we could tuck our children into bed
each night without fear.

January finally dawned and the elections drew near
We counted down the days
’til the people cast their vote
Stood up to be counted, braved the lines,
made a stand
You helped all this happen, you stood guard,
WE took note.

Americans felt vindicated, stood up taller,
filled with pride
Seeing how important this was,
beyond our wildest dreams
The Iraqi people showed the world
that they were truly strong
Knew what they wanted,
or are learning, much as it seems.

Time to brush the dirt from your britches,
shake off your hat
Gather your weapons, dump sand out of your boots,
Come back to those that love you,
thankful for your service
Come back to America, amid loud hollers and hoots.

When you come back to California,
I will be standing there waiting
Longing to hold you close, see your smile,
count your fingers and toes
Knowing you are on US soil again
will put a spring in my step.
How many grey hairs you have given me,
nobody knows.

YOU are MY HERO, my only boy, YOU ARE MY SON
Freedom is secure because of you warriors,
WE have seen
You stand with those men
who have always given their best
You are one of the few, the proud,


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