Well Son of a Gun

Well Son of a Gun

Corporal, 1981. Had received a Navy Achievement Medal for performance as a member of 6th Marines Rifle Squad. Did not have a Good Conduct Medal yet. 1982, Did a lat move to 0231 Intelligence Specialist, got assigned to 1/6. Spent a year busting my b-tt for that Bn under the direction of LtCol Fox. When I got my orders to go to Oki, the S-2 wrote me up for another NAM. Deploy to 1st MAW HQ on Okinawa. Working in the G-2 as the daily briefer for the CG, MGen Peterson. I get called out one day to go receive my award. Well son of a gun if it was for a Navy Commendation Medal. He pinned it on proudly, and I was just as proud that it was him doing it.

For the next several years I got the strangest looks from Officers and SNCOs for being a Sergeant wearing a NCM, NAM, and GCM.

Semper Fi.

GySgt Bob Berg

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  • david kroen

    Nope woodlands came out in 76-77, Or that’s when I received mine. I was stationed at the Marine Barracks at 32nd st Naval Station until the end Dec 76 when we changed over, But, There was nothing like breaking starch on a hard set of fresh sateen’s, Jan 77 I arrived at KBay, First run of these camo’s were prone to get holes in them , like there were rotting. For no reason holes would just start appearing,Also Kaki’s Went out the end of 75, I received Kakis Oct 75. in boot camp and was told when I got to San Diego there no longer to be worn. Sgt Kroen

  • Randy B

    regarding the sleeve comments: Back in the early 80’s when this took place, the majority of us wore our cammie sleeves rolled up inside out, but we had one guy who saw that the Army did it this way, and he saw the logic of it in that you could just grab the cuff and pull straight down to unroll the sleeves. Nobody cared either way.

  • Don Harkness

    Small world similar path except about 16 years before you. Never have run across another 0231. Out of PI and ITR/Geiger to 2nd Amtracs, Lejuene 1962. MOS Changed to 0241 (Photo Interpreter ) in 64 which took me to G2 1st MAW in Iwukuni, and then to 1st MEB. In those days we were in flux via prep for Vietnam War. Oddly in spite of a long tour in Amtracs I spent more time at sea with the Airwing CPL Don Harkness

  • Jack Smart

    What’s up with the sleeves? When I retired in 1996 we were still rolling them up with inside out. Just curious. GySgt Lee Smart, retired.

  • Gerald F. Merna, 1stLt USMC Ret (Mustang: MGySgt–1stLt)

    I had the privilege of attending and graduating with then BGen. Peterson from the Systems Acquisition Management course for General/Flag Officers at Ft. Belvoir, VA in Jan. 1981. He was a polite, humble, pleasant but impressive Marine General Officer. I was already retired from the Corps and into my second career as Executive Assistant to the Postmaster General, one of the then 30 Officers of the U.S. Postal Service and selected by the PMG to attend this course. (Will try to attach class photo here–he is 2nd from Left, top row. I am 5th from left, 1st row). (Nope, unable to attach a photo, sorry ’bout that)! If anyone wants a copy, please email me at address below).

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