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Were Bigger

I take exception to the person named “Okey, Plt. 141, 1957” who wrote about a Cpl. Stouts story that apparently failed to use the what he deemed were the proper words and implied that those of us that went through Parris Island didn’t ‘talk the talk’. Cpl. Stouts may very well have had a mental lapse after so many years of being a civvie. I can assure you that as a graduate of MCRD – Parris Island, Plt. 374, November, 1963, we also called them utilities, ladders, hatches, chow, skivvies, etc., additionally we were also told that we were the real Marines – not Hollywood Marines, like the other group of men and women who were in MCRD – San Diego. Our DI’s were meaner, our training tougher, our barracks had no air conditioning, and our sand fleas were bigger. So there ! All kidding aside, it seems that this was the only Marine, inner Corps rivalry, that I ever saw during my time as an active duty Marine.


Other than that, we are of the same breed. We are all brothers and sisters, and we will tell the world what the others proudly can’t say, “We’re Marines!”


Semper Fi,


Stephen M. Blank


2nd Force Recon

USMCR, 1963 – 1969

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Sgt. John M. Thompson plt. 1069 - June 10, 2020

In Diego we were issued sunglass, sun tan lotion, and sanddles! 66 were the good old days.

Bill Ashworth - June 10, 2020

If you went through Parrish Island you wouldn’t say 12 weeks didn’t seem long enough I went through there in 1955 and my SR,DI was a Korean war VET.and maybe I shouldn’t say this but my SR DI. And JR.DIs beat on us from the day we got there UNTILL we Graduated

Bill T - June 10, 2020

I’m glad somebody finally told the truth about who goes where. I was sent to San Diego back in 68 and now I know why. I was certainly the movie star type. I never had any real complaints about Boot Camp. I guess the only thing we had to worry about was which pair of sunglasses we would wear at the beach that day. I guess if I did have any complaints it would have been the color of the bathing suits we were issued. I always thought they could have used a little imagination and come up with something a little more colorful than the olive drab we wore. No matter though, they southern California girls like them. Boot Camp was certainly a blast and the DI’s were really cool dudes. I was disappointed when it had to end. Twelve weeks just didn’t seem long enough.

Dan - June 10, 2020

The banter between Parris Island and San Diego Marines has gone on for years. Look we don’t really get to choose where we go through boot camp. When you enlist your photo is immediately sent to HG of the Marine Corps and all the individuals with movie star good looks are sent to San Diego- hence the term Hollywood Marines. All others are sent to Parris Island to be consumed by bugs.

D Huntsinger - June 10, 2020

I was at MCRD San Diego in 1968. I was also in one of the quonset huts. AC is when you left the hatch open and had the side windows open. The Jets from the neighboring airport provided a slight draft.

Joe McGuigan - June 10, 2020

I was at MCRD San Diego in 1964. We were in Quonset huts. What the hell was AC?

Robert Mandujano Plt 120 San Diego 1957 - June 10, 2020

Great stories..

Dennis - June 10, 2020

Over the years I’ve met a couple of Hollywood Marines and they never heard of a ‘black flag’ day for drill or PT. July and August of Parris Island, trust me, we had black flag days.

Wes Hyatt - June 10, 2020

I can concur with everything posted by Stephen Blank since I graduated from the Island Plt.282 in ’63. All-the-same I did get a kick out of Bob Vallier’s comeback.

Ed Giddings - June 10, 2020

Parris Island…the VERY name sounds like a Paradise!! And isn’t that where they train WOMEN MARINES? Now MCRD on the other hand Marine Corps Recruit Depot sounds ALL business !!!!!!!!! SEMPER FI! To ALL MARINES!!! Ed Giddings Sergeant of the Marines 1969-1973

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