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What Did We Do To Deserve This?

What Did We Do To Deserve This?
submitted by MGySgt Ralph Hoffman (Retired)

Below the Manchurian boarder, Korea is the spot
We are doomed to spend our lives in a place God forgot
Through the paddies with our weapons, digging foxholes with a pick
Doing the work of a gosh darn Mule, to damm tried to kick
We sweat, we swear, we freeze, it is more than we can stand
We are really not convicts, we are defenders of our land
We are the troops of The Corps, earning our measly pay
Guarding our Country’s millions, for a lousy $ 4 a day
Living with our memories, wanting to see our best girl
Hoping to see her, before she marries our best pal
Nobody knows we are living, nobody gives a damm
Back home we are soon forgotten, as the nephews of Uncle Sam
When we climb that final mountain, right up to that Golden Bell,
St. Peter will say, “Welcome MARINES you served your time in hell!”

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