What have I gotten myself in to.

By: Johnny L. Allred

The first day, It was November 18 1982 M C R D San Diego, Platoon 1114 Delta Company. I remember it very well. One minute the drill Sargent was a nice fellow the next he was mad and we were not getting off the bus fast enough. I thought what have I gotten myself in to, 13 weeks with this guy ?. Simpher Fi!.

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  • Michael Rodriguez

    Johnny Allred, your boot camp story sounds very suspicious. There is no such a thing as a Drill Sargent in the Marine Corps. Not now, not ever. Drill Sargents are Army personnel. The Marine Corps has Drill Instructors. Anyone that attended Marine Corps boot camp would know that.

  • viki McDonald

    My daddy was a Marine. They called them lifers at the time. God gave him his wings 2 years ago. Once a Marine always a Marine. I was born and raised Marine, “It’s in my DNA

    Master Gunny Sgt
    Leo K. Leard

  • Jim Barber

    Johnny, if you have any funny boot camp experiences to share for possible publication please contact me at http://www.bootcampstories3@gmail.com. I’m still looking for more in the same vein as my book “SH*TBIRD! How I Learned To Love The Corps.”
    Semper Fi
    Jim Barber

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