What is a Vietnam Vet

I have just recently discovered the Grit newsletter so I guess you can say I am kind of the “New Guy” I served 1 tour with Lima 3/1 never even thought of extending after being witness to some extendys getting wasted after coming back. In my opinion if I made it for one tour there was no way I was going to push my luck,considering the fact that there was really no good reason for us to be there.Thats not why I am writing. Over the years I have run into Vets wearing Vietnam Vet hats and other items claiming to be Nam vets but,when I approach them to find out where and when and who they served with some will tell me “Oh I didn’t actually go to Vietnam ” but,”I served during the war” Does that make him a Vietnam Vet? or the so called Vietnam Era Vet? With that said why does a person that did not leave the states during WW-2 considered a WW-2 Vet yet, if you served during any other period you are an “Era” vet. Sometimes I hesitate to ask someone about their service for fear of what they might say.One time I saw a guy with a 1st Mar. Div hat and was excited to speak with him. When I told I was with 1st Marines in 68 He just turned and walked away and said he was to busy to talk.I followed him and started asking him more questions he all he said was he was “Around Da Nang” “Who with!” I ask. no answer and he just kept walking away. I later saw him inside the store without the hat on he pretended like he did not see me but I just had to ask. “You are a fake aren’t you?” No answer. I just walked away and let it go. My anger management group therapy helped in that situation. A few years prior the Cops would have to be called. Thanks for letting me vent Marines Paul 0311 68-69

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  • Bill 0331

    Hey Andy, I have read what our fellow Marine Harry wrote and I think alot of what he said makes sense and he was telling us what he feels. I ,to a point agree with him. Too many times I see and ,not just Marlne vets , at venues where wearing your decorated “Cover” is out of line and improper. I’m sure I have earned the right to wear or not wear as I choose(Nav.Com.w-“V”,Bronze Star w-“V” 2PH) I do hesitate to talk to people I see out and about wearing their”regalia” Had a few bad experiences do not do it anymore.So should I get over myself am I holier than thou? If you want to insult me go right ahead! Bill 0331

  • Paul 0311

    Hello Reinhold You have “Class” Brother and my respect. Semper Fi Paul 0311


    Thank-you for your service Brother, nice reply! Semper Fi

  • Reinhold Woykowski

    Hello all Marines. I went to PI in 72. I was told in boot camp that I was being trained to go to war (Vietnam). Well by the grace of God I was not sent. I understood that wherever I was told to go, I was going to go. I do where my cover saying (Once a Marine Always a Marine). People ask me if I went to Vietnam and I just reply nicely by say I am not a combat Veteran.

  • James Kanavy

    The Korean War is still not over so I guess we are all Korean War Era Vets!

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