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Had to laugh at the saluting story. In 1971 I was an E4 aide to a Colonel at Marine Barracks NAD. We lived with the Navy in their barracks this is when they put beer machines in the barracks. As Marines we could not drink in the our barracks . The day they put the beer machines in my buddies asked me to ask the colonel since we lived with the Navy could we drink in the barracks. He said I guess when in Rome do as the Romans do. We got off of work and played that beer machine like a t v those Olys went down easy. About 4 am I was awakened by the sgt of guard telling me the colonel and Sgt Major were going to leave to go inspect West Loch and Waikele attachments then on to Kaneohe for business. They wanted to leave around 0630, lucky for me the Colonel was delayed and did not leave until 0800 gave me some more time to sober up. We got a couple of miles down the road had to pull over told Colonel had to check engine sounded like it was running rough popped the hood and threw up pretty bad. Got back in went a little further tried to pull same stunt but the Colonel an Sgt Major both got out, they thought it sounded great. The Colonel told me to get in the back with Sgt Major because he would drive , he knew what was going on by how green I was. Since we were running late we went straight to Kaneohe got to the gate you should have seen the MP’s all salute this E4 that was sitting in the back seat being driven by a full bird Colonel. Colonel Harry L Alderman and Sgt Major Sam Zavodny true Marines that took care of their men. These men made a life long impression on me.


Reminds me of one of my screw ups. A few weeks after arriving at Camp Love RVN I was put on guard at the rear gate and missed a salute of the 27th Regimental Commander.The jeep stopped and a Sgt/Major stepped out and chewed me big time. Soon after got a call from Sgt of the guard and got same.He told me and, I’ll never forget,”When in doubt salute” So how many enlisted guys got saluted by me when a jeep came through the gate? Harry


I was stationed at Waikele NAD in 62,63. Love to hear from some of my fellow Marines.Lcpl J Webb

Joe Webb,

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